Jessi + Alessio - Winter Engagement Shoot

I have been meaning to write this blog for several months but life got busy and I failed to do so after sharing the images with this lovely couple, forgetting about it until now. As much as we Tennesseans complain about our cold winters (I know, I know…we have it pretty easy considering), I’m sure in a few weeks when the ridiculous southern heat and humidity are in full swing we’ll miss those blue hued winter days. As for me, when I’m a hot sweaty mess this summer (which in reality is now spring through fall), I’ll be dreaming of Jessi and Alessio’s January snow day session!

Jessi and I first met working on a dramatic Christmas musical (though looking back it was totally a comedy of errors) many years ago and as fate would have it, she is now my step-sister. Though I would never say it to her face (because we always give each other a hard time, especially in regard to our hair similarities), she is probably one of most loving and genuine individuals I know. Not only is she supremely talented on the stage, but she arranges florals like no other.

Alessio hails from Venice, Italy and met Jessi while they were both working in New Orleans, Louisiana. His mother is originally from New Orleans, however, after vacationing in Italy at the age of 21 and meeting his would be father she decided to make the move across the pond. Wanting to see his mother’s birthplace, Alessio made the trip over to the good ole US of A and what was supposed to be a three month trip turned into six months. After returning to Italy that October, he knew he had to return and decided to venture back over to pursue his interests in American film. Then one night something magical happened that would change their lives forever.

Both had been working on the set of ABC’s Astronaut Wives Club for several months as stand-ins and had met everyone on set except for one another. One day, Jessi showed up late to the theatre they were filming at and noticed a name on the set list she hadn’t seen before. “Who is Alessio?” she asked a friend. “You haven’t met Alessio, the Italian Stallion? Oh, you’re going to love him!” her friend replied. When Jessi saw Alessio on set, she went up and introduced herself, but with his limited English he couldn’t say too much. They ended up spending that evening in the theatre getting to know each other and she shared with him her favorite musical, A Light in the Piazza. They watched clips of her favorite song from that show, ‘Passeggiata”, which means “a walk” in Italian. That night as they parted, Alessio asked her if she would like to take a passeggiata with him later that weekend; how could she resist? 

A few days later, on December 5th, they took a walk through New Orleans taking in the Christmas lights and enjoyed an Italian meal - though Alessio was a bit disappointed in our “Italian” food. He would recreate this special moment when he proposed to her two years to the day later, except this time her family and friends would be there to enjoy it with them. Thankfully, I had my camera and a GoPro on hand when I got the call it was happening that day and I was able to throw together a proposal video for them. When our first and only snow day of 2017 hit in January, I gave them an early morning phone call to see if they wanted to brave the cold weather and make even more magic happen - luckily they did and these images are the result!

They now own a floral company here in Nashville called Wildflowers, LLC and if you are in need of any type of floral work you need to look them up! They seriously have some of the most amazing arrangements I've ever seen. Visit there website,, and give them a like on Facebook here!