MARV (Meaning Accomplishment Relationships Vitality) is an offshoot of the Welcome to College brand, a Dayton, OH based software and services company that specializes in connecting colleges with prospective students. The idea behind MARV is that students should pick a school to further their education by focusing inward on their desires and happiness above all other factors. Based on the principles of finding meaning, measuring accomplishments, positive relationships, and inspiring vitality, MARV would aide students through the difficult college selection process. They wanted the logo to be simple, modern and encompass the values of the company. After several rounds of various branding mocks, they decided on the image above.




FlowerGypsies, a Nashville, TN based floral design company was looking to update their branding while we were building their website. They wanted a new logo that flowed and had a hand-drawn, illustrated feel. Caitlin worked on several pen lettering variations that we then scanned into Photoshop and vectorized. After deciding on the above script, Richard then printed it on watercolor paper and painted the floral accents which were then also scanned into Photoshop. After a few tweaks, the final design was created in Illustrator.